The Tiny Footprints Project is a nationwide group of photographers who volunteer their time and resources and offer their services, free of charge, to parents of babies in the NICU. These families would, otherwise miss the opportunity to document the first few precious weeks of their newborn baby's life.  By providing beautiful newborn photos , it is the photographer's privilege to capture precious newborn moments and provide lasting memories to the families.

This video gives a great overview of what the project is all about.

For information on how to book a session through the Tiny Footprints Project, or to find out how to make a donation please click on the button below. If you know of anyone who might benefit from this service, please share this information.

Broomfield High School's JAM (Just after Midnight) began in 1990  ago to provide Broomfeld High School students and their dates a safe, fun and free place to be after Prom, whether they attended prom or not. The focus of this event is to provide students with a safe place to have fun with their friends without the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Teresa Fazio Photography has been volunteering photographic services on the night of JAM (midnight til 4am),for four years providing students with a photographic record of their evening.

                                       The Wedding Chapel - JAM 2016


For more information on JAM, please click the button below


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Giving Back

In my life, I have been very fortunate. I have good health, healthy children, a supportive husband and a wonderful family. I couldn't ask for more. Sure things have gone haywire every now and then, but overall I have few things to worry about. Because of this I feel that is very important to "give something back."  Listed below are a couple of organizations with which I volunteer photographic services and time.

                                                                        I am proud to serve as a board member of The Tiny Footprints Project.